DLCCWeb: Web Sites & Online Advocacy Tools for Democratic Candidates

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is excited to offer a new service to state legislative campaigns to help fulfill their online needs.  DLCCWeb provides candidates a web site, online fundraising capabilities, unlimited blast e-mailing, and many more online advocacy tools.  To make DLCCWeb affordable to all Democratic state legislative candidates, the DLCC negotiated an economy of scale price with Salsa Labs (Salsa), a progressive web vendor.  We offer DLCCWeb as part of our commitment to helping elect Democrats to state legislatures across the country; the DLCC does not make any money from the service.

DLCCWeb empowers campaigns to publish professionally designed web sites with ease.  Salsa built a custom made content management system for DLCCWeb to replace the need for a professional web programmer or knowledge of HTML.  Candidates can select from a number of templates and color schemes to choose the best design for their campaign.

Every web site is customizable.  Individual campaigns select the pages and headers that appear on their site.  The content management system allows for pages to be created instantly with the click of a mouse.  Salsa also designed a number of web site headers, including one for every state.  Campaigns can even upload customized headers to match their other campaign materials.

DLCCWeb offers online fundraising capabilities, unlimited blast e-mailing, and other advocacy tools.  Web sites can be integrated with ActBlue or other donation processors, allowing candidates to accept online contributions.  Campaigns can solicit donors and outreach to constituents using the same blast e-mailing tools used by US Senate candidates and hundreds of progressive organizations, including the DLCC.  DLCCWeb also includes an event manager, three e-mail accounts, and an online database to track campaigns’ supporters, volunteers, and donors.

You can sign up for DLCCWeb today at DLCCWeb.com.  We are excited to offer this service in addition to other cost saving programs such as our incumbency protection, polling, and telemarketing services.

Michael Sargeant
Executive Director, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee